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Turquoise and Amber

Two gemsons which me and @babushka came up long time ago and I've done a few sketches of. This is one of the few fully finished ones. I cannot recall all of the details, so, @babushka, share some details in the comments ;)


- Originally a diplomat at the court of Blue Diamond who was supposed to get into relations with other races and sapient organics to scoop up important info and make peace when needed.

- Pusuer of knowledge as it is, a kind of "teacher" type

- Had some light-based powers (she was...enlightened, so to speak :)
- She is covered in small soft inner cracks which show the toll that the expulsion from the court had taken on her.

- a biologist at the court of Yellow, was tasked with studying organics.

- actually multiple amber gems which had been shattered by Yellow after they outlived their usefulness and later refused into one being with the help of Turquoise.

(the gem actually has a kind of mosaic design - it was inspired by Amber Room in Saint-Petersburg, Russia )

- Electricity-based power (after all, Ancient Greeks called amber "electron" ). Those powers are also the reason for all the amber shards to glue together with ease.

Both of them had been ancient Era One gems, which had been used by the Diamonds. But as Diamonds became more and more direct and harsh in their methods of conquest there was no place for those two peaceful professionals. The Diamonds shattered Ambers, but one of the Turquoises was able to hide and then collect all of the shards to later help them re-fuse and re-form together into one new Amber.
And this sall piece depicts Turquoise saving herself and Amber.

Bar Folies-Grillby's

Sorry for the bad quality - unfortunately, just as I finished the work and was saving it, laptop shut down and file got corrupted. All I was able to salvage is this small thumbnail.
Still it is a beatiful picture: birds are not singing, but the flower is blooming...
(P.S. I just really love classic works of art. They give me a lot of inspiration)

(P.P.S. If this picture gets enough likes (let's say 20-25) I'll redo it completely in quality that was intended for it :)

5-minute doodles game

So, the coronavirus is still out there, we should be careful and, if possible limit in-person contacts...but it does not mean that we shouldn't have some social fun!
My suggestion is to try to play a five-minute doodles with your friends: you only need any means for digital drawing (or even just a pencil and paper + camera on your smartphone) and some imagination.

The rules are quite simple: just pick a theme, set up a timer (it could be a bit more than 5 minutes, by the way:) and go. You can even pick themes to draw for each other and not the same for everybody. It's not only a fun way to socialize while set apart by long distance but a great reason to practice some quick thinking and your drawing skills!
These doodles are products of one such game I played with a friend who had been in other city at the time. It was a great evening:)
So good luck in trying it out!

Jedi selfie

Another illustration to that Star Wars tabletop-RPG. We needed to infiltrate the planet, especially the more seedy places without everybody knowing who we are...And, of course, our luck came down to our NPC friend-jedi being a huge butt and partying all-night long and using his lightsaber as those fluorescent light-sticks on rave...

Oh well, at least it was fun to draw this scene :)

Moon girl

A kind of a portrait I drew of my ex, rest her soul, waaay back at the start of 2017, when I had a less comfy tablet for drawing.

She liked the mistery and class in this picture, used for her avatar for quite a long time. And I lovingly filled this portrait with small symbols of femininity, which was also very important and touching for her.


A bunch of avatars I've drawn like back in 2017. I really like cats. And really like space :).
I love them. Free to use. (except for white kitty-cat)
If you want to comission something similar for yourself - please write in private messages or on my email

Don't be a smart ass!

Finished December 2012

So, story time again.
During the tabletop campaign for the padavans which I described earlier, our company got split at the cosmoport at the destination planet. And there our de-facto leader, brave Adrian with quite a few points put into speaking got led from there by a droid belonging to the Black Sun criminal syndicate. And Adrian, being IRL a very experienced player, started to gently poke the droid to get some information...

Only the problem was that this evening our DM had a friend over for a few minutes and he decided (with all the players agreeing) to give him a minor role of this droid. And, obviously, he was NOT given any kind of a proper briefing about any "sensitive" information he could have shared.
...only for the droid to shut him up with "F@@k off, don't be a smartass!" or, in Russian, original language of our game then, "Nevyiebyvaisya".
We had been laughing for five minutes straight. Unfortunately, this guy had to depart to catch train back to Moscow, but this little beautiful droid would continue to drop in here and there with some updates and foreshadowing. We fell in love with him.
And, of course, I had immportalized this moment with this wonderful phrase which is now forever with us.
Btw, if you look to the background all of the other characters are also the ones which had played an important part in our adventure and so I made them a sort of cameos here. The Mon-Kalamari family especially - they had been crucial for the story :)

Crystal Temps

Idea was given by my ex, she was such a sweet girl

Asriel's Sacrifice.

Done on a whim of inspiration, one of my quickest and most beloved pieces.

Originally finished August 2016

Night Cat

One of my favourites, done way back in 2017.

Fun fact: it's actually an updated version of my much older picture which I drew in guoache sometime around 2010-2012-ish when I was still in the high school.

Character portrait - Casa Togruta

So, back in the fall of 2016 I entered my first tabletop RPG which was set in the Star Wars universe. Our team was a group of jedi earnest to pass the final exam and proof themselves worthy of knighthood. I made my character a tech-savy and smart Togruta girl who, as per usual for the jedi, was taken from her home at the young age. Due to this trauma she is rather emotionally restrained and keeps to herself while trying to reconnect with the culture she was torn from. I liked this character.
And we were supposed to find a portrait for our characters and I decided to draw one. After all it is a good way to practice skills.
I like cats so I put in some cat-likeness to this character (just look at the "ears" at the top of lekku :)

P.S. yeah, I know about the left fish eye, I noticed it rather late and decided not to fix because it is already a finished work.

Crystal Cats

I like Steven Universe. I like cats. Meow.
Finished may 2017.

Draco and the Snail

Finished circa August 2016.
Some good relaxed vibes here.

The Last Stand

Originally done somewhen in June 2016

Sans Fighting

One of my oldest works in digital, done sometime in the summer of 2016